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09-Aug-2019 11:54

Basically, Abyss Creations wants to sell you the girl of your dreams, that you can design from scratch.

It’s not just deadpan conversations either, the app also lets users control the “mood” of their bots, able to switch them to act more shy, funny, talkative, or ready to jump your bones.

A significant step up from ‘Samantha’, the previous model that was preprogrammed with a few actions and voice lines, it’s the epitome of how the sex industry embraces and adapts technology to suit its audience.

Only female AI sex robots are currently being developed but Abyss Creations has a history of delivering product to both genders.

The robot produces Gazorpian offspring, and is made by female Gazorpazorps to sustain the population.

They are sent out to have intercourse with male Gazorpians and then sent back to their base to "give birth".

Gwendolyn can be spotted on the Loot Crate exclusive puzzle in the garage.

Courier Flap • Cognition Amplifier • Demonic alien containment box • Freeze ray • Grappling shoes • Gwendolyn • Inter-Dimensional Goggles • Interdimensional Cable • Laser gun • Meeseeks Box • Shrink ray • The Machine of Unspeakable Doom • Time-Stabilizing Collar • Butter Robot • Microverse Battery • Operation Phoenix • Portal gun Ball Fondlers • Cooking Things • Funny Songs • Gazorpazorpfield • Glub 7 News • How Did I Get Here?

If the offspring is male, they will abandon them outside, because of their destructive behaviour, or as they call it, they "get to play outside".

The smartphone app uses machine learning similar to your digital assistant, in order to learn more about you.

The only difference here is that, instead of making your everyday life more convenient, Harmony AI controls your linked Real Doll to instead give your sex life a boost.

The addition of an AI is the developer’s attempt at simulating a real-life relationship, with all the conversation and connection that goes along with the sex.

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Right now, the Doll’s only capable of moving its head and mouth to seem as if it’s looking at and talking to you, but Abyss intends to eventually make the limbs automated as well.

And now, we’re just about to see the beginnings of that trend, with what may be the most advanced sex bot yet.

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