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16-May-2019 09:57

Continuing uncertainty in the post-crisis landscape of 2012 had many sources.The eurozone continued to generate financial and economic stress around the world as the crisis there is far from resolved.While the fiscal position of Italy and Spain was, for the moment, stabilized by a decisive intervention of the European Central Bank (ECB), the previously resilient German economy succumbed to the downturn.Further, the declared priority of shoring up fiscal balances across Europe became ever harder to meet as the stagnating output dried up tax revenues.Since 2010, global growth has been on a downward trend, which continued in 2012.The damage done by the crisis has not been fully repaired; high unemployment persists in most developed countries, with their economies and trade moving sluggishly.As you read the story of the recovery of Canada’s international trade and investment in the aftermath of the global crisis will emerge.A big part of that story is how quickly our trade has been changing in those difficult economic times—and how adaptable and resilient Canadian firms and workers have been in the face of this change.

In that period, Canada has concluded or brought into force foreign investment promotion and protection agreements with 17 countries and is actively negotiating with 14 others.

The United States was another source of uncertainty in 2012. recovery, and a potential fiscal crisis still seems to be around every corner.

The front of the house, abutting the Market Hill, was built around 1380 and reflects the typical domestic layout of the middle ages.… continue reading »

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