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08-Aug-2019 13:19

It is our light more than our darkness which scares us." ~ Marianne Williamson, Return to Love • What on earth is an ethical will?

• Examples of ethical wills a/​k/​a legacy letters, life letters, heart wills, ending notes, love wills, testaments • Why people are writing ethical wills • Books to help you write a legacy letter or ethical will • Michael Kilian's message of hope for a newborn (read aloud at a memorial service) • Ethical wills workshops If you had only one hour to live and the only way you could communicate with survivors was to leave them a letter, what would you write and to whom would you write it?

Events like Katrina remind us of the fragility of life.

The revival of an old Jewish tradition given new momentum by the events of September 11, the ethical will is not legally binding; it is a message from the heart.

"Leaving you everything I have had in my lifetime: a good family, respect for learning, compassion for my fellowman, and some four letter words for all occasions like help, give, care, feel and love." ~ Humorist Sam Levinson in a letter "to grandchildren and children everywhere""Let the strivings of us all, prove Martin Luther King Jr.

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This video, a palindrome created by Jonathan Reed, took second place in AARP's "[email protected]​50" contest in 2007. It has been viewed more than 15 million times on You Tube.It could involve writing memoirs or an autobiography (see link below to an Atlanta Journal story).

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Early modern philosophy in the Western world begins with thinkers such as Thomas Hobbes and René Descartes (1596–1650).… continue reading »

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