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She wore a nervous expression on her soft toned face. We just finished training and were assigned to work with the two of you.” “Awesome!The other girl had wavy blonde hair that was pulled back into a long ponytail that easily reached her ass, which unfortunately I couldn’t see from where I was standing. ” Elizabeth greeted them first, since she was always more social than me.Elizabeth and I followed the familiar corridor to our office, which was a moderately sized room with a large square table in the center and a small brown desk in the back.The large table had four chairs pulled up to it with two on one side and two on the opposite side, so that two team members could sit next to each other and the other two would sit across from them.

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The one closer to us had bright red hair which went down to her shoulders.

Her skin was fairly tanned, so I assumed the red hair wasn’t natural.

It had been several months since my sister Elizabeth and I quit school.

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We were hired to work at Mom’s office as ‘data intake specialists’, which meant entering names and numbers into a computer all day long. Genetics We are pleased to offer you a partial preview of our new Tour of Basic Genetics. But we wanted to make the new chapters available as soon as possible, especially for those who are using mobile devices or the most-recent version of web browsers that no longer support Adobe Flash content.

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