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13-Sep-2019 00:33

"It would break me and now I have such a complex about it,” she says.

But what's just as bad as a date not wanting a relationship with a disability?

But for someone like me, who has Cerebral Palsy (CP), it’s a lot more complicated than ’I’m just sitting down’,” she tells me.

"My limbs curl up and my hands get all fisted and I can’t sit up straight (I almost fell out of my office chair at work the other day. And my voice is very loud and kind of shrill because of the way the CP affects my mouth and throat muscles.

"When a dog sheds too much, you get rid of it..." he would tell me.

“We divorced last year and I got rid of him." She too has moved onto a loving partner. He runs my bath, rubs my lotion on me, and babies me when I hurt." And Shea Giordimaina, who has alopecia, said "I once dated a guy who would continually ask me to put my wig on because the sight of me without it was so ugly." Despite being with a long-term partner (who "doesn't care, not one bit" about her lack of hair) and having two children, this experience shook Giordimaina's confidence.

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And many friends have received rudeness or abuse for simply being them.

The respectful date and successful couple match demonstrates that people with disability lead everyday lives and are worth getting to know…