Define accomadating

02-Jul-2019 23:20

But it’s based on your own schema, scale, and timeline. Being exposed to academic standards only a few times in limited number or forms limits a student’s ability to effectively reform said data into useful schema.

Some children in child care have special dietary requirements.

Other common allergens include wheat products, peanuts, tree nuts, and eggs.

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This isn’t just a matter of content knowledge or reading levels either.Still others may avoid eating all animal-based products.Child care providers and directors should discuss the specific vegetarian diet with the parents, and decide how to accommodate the child's needs.When you talk with parents before enrolling the child, ask about these special practices, and discuss with the parents the best ways to accommodate these dietary changes.

Knowing families' practices will help you accommodate their preferences in your child care program.Planning to accommodate a child's special dietary needs should begin before that child is enrolled in the child care program.