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Actor groups from this area of Europe have been known to run spam infrastructures similar to this campaign.

As of 10 July, Zero FOX disclosed all of the Twitter profiles and posts to the Twitter security team, who subsequently removed them.

This additional information is rewarded by the Double-Opt program, too.

The physical address listed on matches Deniro Marketing’s address listing on BGPview, as well as the two payment processing spam affiliate websites, In terms of the SIREN actors themselves, a large chunk of the Twitter accounts’ self-declared user languages were Russian (Figure 5).

Many of the websites’ policies claim that the site owners operate most of the profiles.

They also have overbearing policies that can use personally identifiable information of their customers to send to other affiliate programs which yields more spam to the victim..

This spam campaign had a series of botnet panels and operated primarily via e-mail.

Deniro Marketing was part of a class action lawsuit in 2010 but still seems to host websites on their Autonomous System Number (ASN) and run affiliate marketing programs.

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