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31-Aug-2019 11:44

The store's owner says the baby's name is Toby and he's doing just fine!

From the tax bill to terrorism, President Donald Trump made some big claims during his first year in office.

Although discoveries in the 20th century, notably in the ancient region of Etruria (between the Tiber and Arno rivers, west and south of the Apennines), confirm that Italians were not entirely unmythological, their mythology is sparse.

What is found at Rome is chiefly only a pseudomythology (which, in due course, clothed their own nationalistic or family legends in mythical dress borrowed from the Greeks).

They directed this feeling of veneration both toward happenings that affected human beings regularly and, sometimes, toward single, unique manifestations, such as a mysterious voice that once spoke and saved them in a crisis (Aius Locutius).

To describe the powers in these objects and functions that inspired the is anachronistic in regard to early epochs because it presupposes a society capable of greater abstraction.

Nor must the term mana, used by Melanesians to describe their own concept of superhuman forces, be introduced too readily.

They multiplied functional deities of this kind to an extraordinary degree of “religious atomism,” in which countless powers or forces were identified with one phase of life or another.

Their functions were sharply defined; and in approaching them it was important to use their right names and titles. Failing that, it was often best to cover every contingency by admitting that the divinity was “unknown” or adding the precautionary phrase “or whatever name you want to be called” or “if it be a god or goddess.” The same sort of anxious awe was extended not only to functions and acts but also to certain objects that inspired a similar belief that they were in some way more than natural.

Instead, the honor goes to former president Barack Obama.

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