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After several additional splits and mergers during transitional period from the middle of the 16th century up to beginning of the 19th century, both branches were finally consolidated as the Chaldean Catholic Church, one of the Eastern Catholic Churches, today with 640,828 members, and the Assyrian Church of the East, today with 170,000 members, representing the main traditionalist branch of the Church of the East.

The Church of the East was headed by the Patriarch of the East, an office that traces its origin to the Apostolic Age.

was an Eastern Christian Church in the Persian Empire and other parts of Asia during the late antiquity period and throughout the middle ages.

The Mongol Empire dissolved into civil war, the Chinese Ming dynasty overthrew the Mongols (1368) and ejected Christians and other foreign influences from China, and many Mongols in Central Asia converted to Islam.

The Muslim Mongol leader Timur (1336–1405) nearly eradicated the remaining Christians in Persia; thereafter, Nestorian Christianity remained largely confined to Upper Mesopotamia and to the Malabar Coast of India.

The existing Christians in Persia welcomed these refugees and gradually adopted Nestorian doctrine by the 5th century, leading the Church of Persia to be known alternately as the Nestorian Church.

The church grew rapidly under the Sasanians, and following the Muslim conquest of Persia (633–654) it was designated as a protected dhimmi community under Islamic sharia rule.

Also like other churches, it has an episcopal polity: organisation by dioceses, each headed by a bishop and made up of several individual parish communities overseen by priests.

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