Dating someone who is schizophrenic Anonymous sex chatting

26-Sep-2019 23:37

I'm afraid I may not be able to help until it's reached hospitalization level. ''I know people say I'm mentally ill, but I don't think I'm mentally ill.

I just want people to stop putting dead bodies in my cigarettes, you know?

I can remember times when I was out of control, and I can remember how I felt, at the time, like I was acting appropriately for a given situation.

Looking back objectively, it is clear my judgment was impaired.

Yep, I have a friend who is a classic paranoid schizophrenic--he knows the government is trying to coerce him into a gay sex ring and that he is the chess champion of the world, and that he and various celebrities have mind melds.

And of course, I cannot reason him out of this--he gets rather defensive when I try.

Her terror becomes so great that she got in her car and fled halfway across the state, before finally stopping and out of desperation calling her husband, trying to explain that everyone was conspiring against her, even him, but it just didn't make any sense to her and she trusted he wouldn't hurt her.

I'm not sure if this has a definitive answer or not, so I'm asking in this forum about people's experiences.

There's someone I know professionally who has recently been diagnosed as schizophrenic but, according to his wife, he won't take any medication for it.

As for whether or not you talking to him will help him notice it... I'm playing the same game right now with a patient of mine who has a diagnosis and has been pretty functional these last four months, but I see him slipping.

Right now, he's blaming his doctor and his social worker, and I'm "the only one he trusts", so I'm trying to keep him open to the idea that maybe, just maybe, his doctor isn't conspiring with his social worker against him, but it's hard. If you want to give it a gentle shot, you probably won't do any harm, but please don't be too disappointed if it doesn't help. One of the reasons schizophrenia can be so hard to treat is that many schizophrenics don't recognize that they are mentally ill. He has been resisting medication for about four decades.The negative reactions of many people when hearing that someone has a mental-illness diagnosis are not better when the person diagnosed is themselves.

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