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Their set was a triumph of wit, style and pop suss, with ’Common People’ blooming from a smart song into a genuine anthem. The Prodigy, 1995 Before they metamorphosised into the electro-rockers of ’Firestarter’, they were simply snarling rave-punks, and this was a deranged, energised pinnacle, with Keith Flint’s rolling stage entrance in a giant hamster ball. Beyoncé, 2011 Rising through the stage, three months pregnant, and blasting straight into ’Crazy in Love’ and ’Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)’ amid enough fireworks to start a war, La Knowles couldn’t fail.Read Neil Mc Cormick's review of Beyoncé at Glastonbury 2011. The Stooges, 2007 Apart from Iggy Pop the original Stooges are all now dead but only seven years ago they turned a mud-sodden, rainswept Somerset field into a howling blues-punk apocalypse, topped by a riotous stage invasion. Radiohead, 1997 Amid a sea of sleet-swept mulch Radiohead, who had just released their epochal ’OK Computer’ album, headlined Saturday night in a career high that combined emotional nuance with their ambitious, widescreen rock. Leonard Cohen, 2008 The gravel-voiced 73-year-old songsmith’s greatest hits set, performed with wonderful graciousness under a balmy Sunday evening sun – and including ’Hallelujah’ with crowd-sung choruses – was sheer, unadulterated bliss.He not only brought the first sunshine the festival had seen in four years, but a glaring white suit and a set of searing, raw gospel-soul. New Order, 1981 Despite singer Bernard Sumner falling over blind drunk and playing guitar from the floor, this was a punchy, post-punk invasion of the then hippy mecca (although overrunning into Hawkwind’s scheduled time caused a mini-riot later). Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, 2009 Cave, fronting of a gang of pinstriped heavies, attacked his back catalogue with an astounding, ragged, swamp rock viciousness.Also featured an unplanned interlude where a paraglider swooped over the stage. English National Opera, 2004 91 musicians and 11 soloists woke late-sleepers on Sunday lunchtime, beneath gathering storm clouds, by tearing into Wagner’s ’Ride of the Valkyries’, encouraged by a muddy mass using rolled up newspapers as horns.Read Matt Born's 2004 report from the ENO's performance at Glastonbury. The Who, 2007 It sounds odd now, but following the Kaiser Chiefs, who pulled an immense crowd, looked tricky for these rock veterans.

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One Frenchman was locked up, naked, for six days with a bottle of brandy and four women, a eunuch keeping watch; whenever sexual activity flagged, he ordered a drum serenade.Following Irish punkers Ash few were expecting much from pop-trance outfit Faithless but soon 90,000 packed the Pyramid field leaping as one to ’Insomnia’ and the like. David Bowie, 2000 Julien Temple uses Bowie’s ’Heroes’ to potent emotive effect at the end of his Glastonbury film.Bowie, looking like a fop-haired dandy and playing there almost thirty years after he first did, sounded just grand. Paul Mc Cartney, 2004 There were naysayers but the truth is that people were singing the “lah lah lah la-la-la lah” refrain from ’Hey Jude’ four years later in commemoration of the night Macca bought his Beatles singalong to Worthy Farm. Fatboy Slim, 2007 Sets by Norman Cook’s larger-than-life DJ persona are a Glastonbury institution but perhaps his most memorable outing was when he gradually dressed as a bumble bee ballerina whilst keeping a packed Lost Vagueness crowd jumping. Pixies, 1989 The John the Baptists of grunge had recently released arguably their greatest album, ’Doolittle’, and elected to play a pummelling, visceral set in alphabetical order, from ’Bone Machine’ to ’Where Is My Mind’. Pulp, Pyramid, 1995 Standing in as last minute replacements for the Stones Roses, Pulp had to camp on-site.In their swift xebecs, the "Sallee Rovers" kidnapped thousands of English, mainly from the West Country.

Between 16, they took 466 English ships, raised the Islamic flag on Lundy and, in one spectacular raid, dragged 60 men, women and children from St Michael's Mount.Europe has been a place of battles and political intrigue for centuries.