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The fact that they make money collecting payments from businesses should automatically raise an eyebrow.How can they honestly look out for the consumers best interest when their customer base is businesses? ============================ ORIGINAL FILE DATE 2-5-00 UPDATE!!! Would it amaze you to find out that there are numerous legitimate complaints and even lawsuits against Better Business Bureau franchises? The BBB is a corporation comprised of several private business franchises very like to Mc Donald's.2.3-24-00 UPDATE....5-13-00 UPDATE....3-9-01 Also, before you think about using the BBB Click here to see how other consumers were victimized by the BBB Better Business Bureau's false or misleading information. BBB- THE FOX GUARDING THE HEN HOUSE When most folks think Better Business Bureau; consumer protection, ethics and integrity come to mind. Many people are under the perception that the BBB is a government agency. The truth is it operates as a non-profit and its funded primarily through membership fees paid by businesses.

How many renewals would the BBB get if the members were graded badly? The truth is members of the Better Business Bureau have much higher grades than non-members.

In a recent straw poll, over 70% of respondents incorrectly thought that the BBB was a government organization.