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This leaves Ukyo hoping that Akane will still take the bait even if she (Ukyo) is the cuter fiancé.

Ukyo swiftly puts this idea of Akane's aside and assures her that this isn't the case before inviting her to sit down as they wait for Ryoga to arrive.

Infuriated and devastated, Ukyo decides to throw away her femininity so that she may train to become the greatest okonomiyaki chef in the world.

Having trained for ten years, Ukyo finally tracks down Genma in Furinkan who initially recognize the teenaged Ukyo; until her declaration as the "child he forgot".

Although initially against the idea due to Ranma's engagement to one of Soun's children, Genma soon agreed once Ukyo's father offered to throw in his okonomiyaki cart as a dowry.

Unfortunately, Genma forgot to take Ukyo with him, leaving her to be mocked by the other local girls.

Once Ranma finally remembers "Okonomiyaki Ucchan" from his childhood, Ukyo proceeds to write a challenge to Ranma using okonomiyaki sauce.

She generally seems dependable to her friends, as she turned very concerned and immediately ran to the aid of her fellow okonomiyaki cook Occhan, when she thought they had been hurt by the Cursed Spatula.

Her style of fighting is a legacy style from her father based on their food preparation, and vaguely reminiscent of ninja patterns, but this status as an apparent "ninja-cook" is never expanded upon.

Enraged, Ukyo turns to face Ranma again, resulting in her giant Spatula being twisted by Ranma along with her shirt being sliced in half.

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Whilst Ranma continues regardless, Ukyo begs him to wait for a moment (all the while trying to keep her shirt closed).The name Ukyo is composed of the kanji for "right" and "capital city".