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12-Aug-2019 04:36

I know many people are struggling to know if their doubts are something that should make them question their relationship.

And for all of you, I would say, yes, pay attention to those doubts.

With Jake, I knew deep down that there was no legitimate reason he wouldn’t be great for me. Doubts I had before marrying him were a lot different from the ones I had when I was dating people that were terrible for me…!

The more I prayed, read my scriptures, attended the temple, etc., the more in tune I was with the spirit, which helped me know when my doubts were something I didn’t need to worry about.

Growing up LDS and being taught the importance of marriage meant I always dreamed of getting married to my “prince charming”.

As cheesy as that sounds, I’m being completely serious – it was all I wanted.

They are what made me realize that my doubts were silly.I questioned if I was good enough, and why every guy I dated either found something wrong with me or I had found something wrong with him.