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The 13 Amendment in 1920.) Catto is most closely identified with the sit-in tactics he deployed in the fight to desegregate Philadelphia trolleys. She has been working with the Philadelphia School District on bringing Catto into the classroom, part of an ambitious educational program being developed in conjunction with the memorial. Mayor Kenney started banging the drum for a Catto memorial in 2003, while he was still in City Council.

His speeches, organizing, and writing were critical in garnering Pennsylvania ratification of the 15th Amendment in particular. He had been reading about the 19th century Irish boss William Mc Mullen, who bitterly opposed Catto and the effort to bring black men to the polls. Joe Certaine, former city managing director and a board member of the Catto fund, said he learned about Catto as a boy.

In Chapman-Smith’s view, Catto was a civil rights leader who prefigured the Rev. Catto and newly enfranchised blacks were, not surprisingly, Republicans, the party of abolition, Lincoln’s party. Kenney said he was amazed he had never heard of such a prominent Republican activist. This is a really interesting story.” Another lifelong Philadelphian, Carol Lawrence, board chair of the Catto fund, had heard of Catto, but “I didn’t know his story, I didn’t learn about him in school.” “He was one of many who struggled for civil rights at the time, moving the rights of African Americans forward in a very challenging time,” she said. During a boycott and picketing of a nuisance bar in North Philadelphia, Certaine said he was not allowed to walk the line.

Despite some incredibly strong wake-up calls, twins may get distracted and simply not remember who they really are.Catto’s story was absent from Philadelphia schools. Catto, a free black man from South Carolina, taught at the Institute of Colored Youth.