Dating a waltham watch movement

24-Mar-2019 11:36

It is said that Omega only produced just 2000 of these watches.Not only is it notable for being a rare anniversary model, it’s the world’s first automatic chronograph that is also a certified chronometer.However, the realities of life and budgets sometimes get in the way for awhile.

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A Tag Heuer Aquaracer makes a great starting point.This watch captures the spirit and style of that moment in time. This wasn’t just a slightly modified version of an existing model that Omega slapped a limited edition number on the caseback.Model 178.0002 is completely unique with its massive steel case (42.0mm x 52.5mm) used only for this model.There wouldn’t be another automatic chronometer grade Speedmaster in Omega’s lineup for several decades.

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This example came to us from its original owner, in its original condition, having never been opened up or previously serviced.

No calendar aperture or additional features to disturb the clean look.