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An alternate view suggested by Ibn Rashîq al-Qayrawânî (d 1064?) is that the amorous introduction was a means of bringing the poet into the proper poetic mindset.This was the era of the “golden odes” – the great Arabic qasîdahs.There were various genres for the qasîdah, including the panegyric (madîh), the moralizing poem (hikam), the lampoon (hijâ’), and the boast (fakhr).He draws this conclusion from the following personal account of the Ummayad era poet Dhû al-Rummah (696-735), which he relates as follows: Dhû al-Rummah was asked: “What do you do as a poet when you have writer’s block?” He replied: “How can I ever have writer’s block when I possess the keys to unlock my poetry?” He was told: “Well, those are what we are asking you about.” He said: “They are: solitude, and thinking about my loved ones.”Love, being as it is an emotion of beauty, is intrinsically tied to the hopes of all people.

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By tracing the history and development of the ghazal over the more than a millennia and a half that it has been in existence, this article seeks to put recent efforts into perspective.However, the ghazal – the love poem – was not one of these.