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The jungle canopy was so dense it prevented the ships’ pilots from pinpointing our location.

Meantime, gun ships had arrived and began strafing the left side near the second platoon.

As I look back on events after some 35 years, those words pretty much sum up the way my soldiering went in those two frantic days of March 1969.

The NVA were firing at us from the top of the hill.

Some reports say there were up to 36 but I don t think so.

With the artillery fire throughout the night it is true we pretty much we went without any sleep that night.

No sooner than the patrol cleared the perimeter, when the NVA opened up on the point element. But being volunteered out all the time because some “hot shot” lieutenant wanted combat time was hateful to the troops in Nam. I brushed them aside so I wouldn’t roll over and give my position away with the sound of crackling.

The choppers started landing and we were throwing the guys on board and some guys were hanging on the sleds. Our CO, Captain Isom, directed my third platoon to deploy farther up the trail.

Buddy Williams “I helped with a head count the night of the third. We were all exhausted, bloody, and some almost naked from the fighting and the tracking through the thick jungle.We were firing and trying to patch him up at the same time.I only remember enemy contact in a ravine down the hill.It got rough for me right away, when my squad leader got killed right next to me, with the result that Lt. Hickey, who was flying overhead in an effort to direct action on the ground.

They found it hard to believe what I was telling them or that it was even me. The last battalion order was to get all the dead and wounded collected, but that was out of the question.

It was created as a LOTR parody and I love this style.

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