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The features timeline lists significant features delivered to VSTS and the corresponding version of TFS.

I live in a rural isolated area in Colorado and a brick and mortar school was not an option for me.

There are three practicing NP’s in my town who all have graduated from Walden’s FNP program.

It identifies some of the significant features we are currently working on and a rough timeframe for when you can expect to see them.

It is not comprehensive but is intended to provide some visibility into key investments. I'm familiar with NOW() and TODAY() but it doesn't refresh itself every 1 minute like I want it to. I just want the current time in h:mm to be in cell A1. From this clock I will do further calculations like How long has it been since I last did Activity X, Y, and Z. Dim Timer Active As Boolean Sub Start Timer() Start_Timer End Sub Private Sub Start_Timer() Timer Active = True Application. On Time Now() Time Value(""), "Timer" End If End Sub You can invoke the "Start Timer" function when the workbook opens and have it repeat every minute by adding the below code to your workbooks Visual Basic "This. Public Declare Function Set Timer Lib "user32" ( _ By Val HWnd As Long, By Val n IDEvent As Long, _ By Val u Elapse As Long, By Val lp Timer Func As Long) As Long Public Declare Function Kill Timer Lib "user32" ( _ By Val HWnd As Long, By Val n IDEvent As Long) As Long Public Timer ID As Long, Timer Seconds As Single, tim As Boolean Dim Counter As Long '~~ Thank you for your interest in this question.