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I hear that pole dancing classes are the latest fad in fitness, and if your mother doesn't flip out, maybe you can offer to give her and her friends some lessons. Asking About Children: Since when did it become rude to enquire if someone had children?

While at a party I was talking to my friend about our kids.

In the movies, places of employment like yours have big guys with shaved heads who bodily escort such customers to the door.

If this old creep does tell your parents, so be it.

If you want the baby in his own room, get a baby monitor.

Reclaim your pillow tonight and tell Mom to start packing. Boyfriend's Toxic Friend: My boyfriend of one year recently became friends with Fred, who he met through co-workers.

I was a little hesitant at first but decided it was just one night. The other night while doing a set, one of my parents’ friends comes up to the stage and asks for a VIP dance.

I ended up loving it and made around 0 in a few hours! The entire time he was telling me how he wants a cut of my earnings to stay quiet and not tell my parents what I am doing!

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If she goes, you two need some therapy to re-establish the rules of your relationship.

I either have to come clean to my parents (who are VERY religious and would disown me), quit my job and get further in debt, or start paying this guy half of my nightly earnings. If he makes his threat again you could offer this deal: You won't tell his wife that he's a customer of a strip club and you two will call it a draw.

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