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24-Jun-2019 16:51

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https:// hope this criminal behavior can stop, it sounds so scary.Take care, Chris in California August 26, 2017 Name: Jennifer Message: I have been to Mexican resorts at least a dozen times over the years. I am in tears reading about the tragic loss of life and obvious disregard for safety and corruption on the side of the resorts and local/state/national authorities.

They all respond "if you stay at an all inclusive, 5 star resort you will be fine." Clearly that is not the case.

I can only hope others read your posts and do the same.

The numerous reports from Mexican authorities about people "mysteriously falling or committing suicide from balconies" makes me ill.

Regardless, I was humbled by how easily this could have been me, my wife, my friend(s) or ALL OF THE ABOVE!

May you get some semblance of peace from this site and all that you do. There was zero reason for it to ever have happened, but thank you for advocating and continuing to raise awareness, provide an outlet for other families to cope/share their stories and for saving lives.

I have travelled to Mexico on multiple vacations and have always felt safe, even recommending it to others as a safe travel destination.