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He has taught and supervised on a number of ethnomusicology courses both an undergraduate and postgraduate levels at Cardiff University, the University of Cambridge and the University of Plymouth.

Matthew is a currently a Leverhulme Trust Early Career fellow based at the Faculty of Music in Cambridge and will continue as a teaching associate for Lent Term 2018.

He completed a Ph D in Ethnomusicology at Harvard, with a secondary emphasis in Critical Media Practice.

He also holds degrees in music composition (MFA, Brandeis) and Classics (Greek) and Slavic Literature (BA, Harvard).

In the 1940s, the eminent ethnomusicologist Laurence Picken (also biologist and zoologist) began his research in Chinese, then Turkish music.

Picken attracted research students from all over the world, and by the 1970s, Cambridge had become an international centre for ethnomusicology.

In 1983, Ruth Davis, specialist in Tunisian and other Middle Eastern traditions, joined the Music Faculty as the University’s first designated appointment in Ethnomusicology.

The Faculty also holds a regular colloquium series, often featuring eminent ethnomusicologists from around the globe.Ethnomusicology has a rich, prestigious history at the University of Cambridge, dating from the end of the 19th century when psychologist Charles Myers (founder of the Experimental Psychology Laboratory) joined the 1898 anthropological expedition to the Torres Straits.Myers went on to do pioneering work on perception in non-Western music.After his doctoral studies, he held postdoctoral fellowships at MIT (Mellon) and Harvard’s Society of Fellows (through spring 2018).

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Peter’s research focuses primarily on the intersection of Islam and sound, including recitation, liturgy, theology, and architecture and he is currently completing a book and media project, Pathways to God: The Islamic Acoustics of Turkish Berlin.He has also published on various aspects of the history of sound recording, especially tape and You Tube music.