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Kepstowe increased their fleet and were running 6 trucks and around 20 subbies.They also sent unaccompanied trailers to Turku, in Finland which were brought down to Russia by Finish and Russian subbies.Myself and Johnny Dicks, the other subbie on this contract were due to load on alternate Thursdays and then run to Russia.

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I know one time in the 80s he was gone out for a few weeks of runs and never came back when he was due. His truck had gone on fire and he couldn't get any phone contact with his office back in Lithuania so hsd to hitch hike back from the far side of Russia to lithuania.

Kepstowe had identified that if I ran back to Poland, changed trailers and then returned to Russia, that they could save money that they would have spent on Soviet visas, for other subbies.

So that is what happened and when the work expanded to take in destinations miles from Moscow, I began to run to all of these exotic places as well.

Such as Kishenyev, Odessa, Leningrad and Volgograd.

Having met my future wife Elena in Moscow, we lived in a flat in the North West of the city, near to Voikovskaya Metro station. Due to this and the fact that I spent most of my time in the ex-Soviet Union I learned Russian.I also had to make trips up from Moscow to Turku to swap trailers.

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