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" Q&A: ' Awkward' EPs on Season 4 Restart, Blank Slates and Senior Year Changes Some may see the change as coming from out of the blue, but Davern points to a season-one episode where Jake makes mention of his propensity to music."Jenna is getting into the back seat of his car -- this was when he was still dating Lissa -- and he says to Jenna, ' Hey, be careful of my amp back there,' " Davern says. But when he lost the class presidency to Tamara, which was pretty emasculating to him, he had to find a new path." It just so happened that Davern had begun playing guitar for an indie he had recently finished about the Beach Boys, in which he plays founding member/lead guitarist Carl Wilson. Singer-songwriters Davern and the producers modeled Jake 2.0 after included Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson and John Mayer.

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After numerous attempts of trying to be popular two best friends decide to come out as lesbians, which launches them to instant celebrity status.

Fast-forward to season four: Jake has grown out his beach-blond hair, preferring to sing moody, oftentimes funny coffeeshop ballads about love and despair.