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2012Scarlett begins dating Nate Naylor, a New York ad exec who, according to those who know him, has an eye for risqué art and looks like Morrissey in his prime. For contextualization sake, I’ve only ever been compared to Matthew Perry, but less during his prime, and more during the years he was coked out on co-host Colin Jost as late as May, which everyone sort of universally agrees to be a huge win for Colin Jost. Ok, time to return to our original question: How did we get here?Well, after meticulously -ing my entire bedroom with pictures and newspaper clippings and different-colored yarns—I bought the spools at the Yarn Store, it’s a place—I came up with the following explanation.She also has a 3-year-old daughter named Delilah with actor Benicio del Toro, though the two were not a couple, according to People.Still, they seem to have an amicable relationship as both have been seen together out in public with Delilah, doing what families do.(And no, we're not talking about dating a 16-year old.That's illegal, Bieber fans.) Why do you think women are now attracted to an older set of men?We want to know why you think this change is occurring. But first we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to treat you to some pictures of good looking men of a certain age.(No, it's not really pertinent to the story, but we figured you deserved a little something' somethin'.)George Clooney, 49 Brett Favre, almost 41 (Check out more hot football players here.)Benicio del Toro, 43So, what's the biggest age gap that you think is acceptable?

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She also had sex with Benicio del Toro in an elevator at the Chateau Marmont, which is exactly the type of thing people who’ve never been to the Chateau Marmont (me) would expect to happen at the Chateau Marmont. 2005-2007Johansson dates perma-teen-hearthrob Josh Hartnett for two years.Whereas, three decades ago, most women wouldn't consider a dude over 45 a catch."Older men are now remaining more attractive to women for longer than ever before.They are increasingly seen as eligible, prospective partners rather than old bores with little energy left to catch the female eye," explained a spokeswoman for the British department store that conducted the study, as quoted in The Telegraph.Del Toro is just one of the high-profile men that Kimberly has been linked to over the years.

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Kimberly reportedly had a brief fling with Harry Styles back in 2013.For someone who has been tabloid fodder for most of her adult life, Kimberly seems to have kept her love life under wraps for the past couple of years. Kimberly could also be too busy to get into a relationship right now.