Backdating effective date contract

25-Mar-2019 07:48

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Because in the latter situation the Notary was authorized to make the instrument is what gives them the lesser sentence.Remember, those who lie under oath or affirmation will receive a perjury charge in addition to what they are being convicted of.- Secretary of State in conjunction with the County Clerk serve as your official process server.Therefore, if they need to serve you with papers requesting a court appearance for a document you notarized and you no longer reside at the location they have on file, you cannot assert that as a defense as to why you did not show up at court.This is the subsection that tells you this is no longer the case In the absence of the actual document Signer, the Subscribing Witness presents a document before a Notary Public to wit they have previously witnessed the signature of the document signer.

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The New York State Department of State warns Notaries not to execute an acknowledgement certificate when asked to notarize a will: Such acknowledgement cannot be deemed equivalent to an attestation clause accompanying a will.

(ie: issuing a false birth certificate by someone who works for that agency) prior knowledge The difference between 170.10 & 175.40 is that in 170.10 the Notary was NOT an authorized officer to make these official instruments and did so in a false way.

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