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27-Apr-2019 04:03

“The lack of recognizing the resilience of positive people is draining.”Right now, more than 1.1 million people are HIV positive in the United States; last year, 39,782 tested positive, queer black men being at the highest risk for infection.

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And yet, for many positive people, it feels that way.How to Quit Your Day Job and Travel the World – How to leverage your terror of going broke to achieving greater success and autonomy.No, You Can’t Have it All – A realistic look at the necessity of choosing what to give up in our lives.It’s a way of normalizing, as well; the more we know, the less afraid we’ll be and the more likely we will be to act with a well-informed sense of caution, instead of ignorant recklessness.

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This type of heedlessness, fueled by a new understanding that HIV isn’t the death sentence it once was, is dangerous.10 Life Lessons I Learned From Surviving My 20s – A look back right before my 30th birthday on all of the life lessons I learned in my 20s.