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28-Sep-2019 13:45

Simply double-click the downloaded file to install it.

Update Star Free and Update Star Premium come with the same installer.

They really should put a limit on the amount of energy drinks that you can use in an hour.

like 3 an hour or something to level the playing field.

The story is that you have gotten a new cellphone and discover an app already installed when you launch it, your dream girlfriend appears in your room and the sales people who sold you the phone, who are also all cute girls, come over to explain how to set it up.

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These animated outfits are very rare and set this game apart from Moe Can Change and Ambition’s other apps like My Animal Boyfriend which I reviewed here.Gameplay: 7/10 So aside from getting outfits for your girl, you can also study, work, and take part in events to earn items and personality points.These personality points help your girlfriend evolve into different personality types such as Gentle, Flamboyant, Shy, Friendly, Studious, etc. Allowing you to create your perfect “dream girlfriend” just like the title suggests. There are limited time events almost constantly with new items being added.You have many different slots for dressup such as hair, face, back, body, room, frame, accessories, and more.

This ensures that your girlfriend is different and unique from all others.Anime Anime Review Collectibles Dating Sim Dressup Games Fashion Featured Free Game Handheld or Portable Gaming In Game Events Kawaii Cute Life Sim Mobile Game Raising Sim Review Simulation Slice of Life Videogame Virtual Pet Title: My Dream Girlfriend Publisher: Ambition Genre: Anime Dressup Game with Dating Sim and Stat Raising Elements Get it on IOS here: When you start the game you get one animated outfit for free.