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Ultimately, though, the celebrity memoir primarily serves to take what we like about an entertainer and ratchet it up to 11.The risk is that they dial up that one likeable quality to the point where all of a sudden Anna Kendrick’s Anna Kendrick-ness seems too Anna Kendrick-y, for example, or the bit that made everyone love Amy Schumer starts to ring false when pumped up to this volume.(They have since become friends.)Despite the often heavy subject matter, Union, who didn’t use a ghostwriter, tried to keep the tone of “group chat.” She zigs and zags from light-hearted to sombre, like all these stories just sort of popped into her head. She does, crediting therapy and a life coach for getting her to the point where she can be open about so much.“I want it to feel like we’re talking shit and we’re going to need some more cocktails,” she says. The only things she didn’t include are the ones she’s still working through in therapy, she explains.The idea of being found out, like going to a fertility doctor? People are thinking, That kind of shit.” She sees sharing her experiences — candidly, extensively — as a sort of public service.“I’d rather be the guinea pig and speak about the process to demystify it,” she tells me.She’s raunchy, wise, unpretentious, thoughtful, and it’s all those facets of “likeable” that have gotten Union from point A (girl crush actress) to point B (reliably candid social-media darling) to the inevitable point Z when you’ve got fire tweets and plenty of charm: a book deal — one so big even Union was surprised at the amount, which she won’t disclose.There’s a long list of tropes that show up in most celebrity memoirs, especially those written by women.

She doesn’t know Chicago very well — she’s only here for brief stretches when she and her husband, NBA player Dwyane Wade, aren’t home in Miami — but she does know her way around this Old Town sports bar’s fattiest menu options.And in offering up an unsolicited bounty of swine, grease, and carbs, Union reinforces why she’s right up there alongside bacon on the list of things that make people happily want more. She looks ageless, yes, but also quickly explains that she’s trying to staunch a flow of forehead sweat from walking in the Chicago humidity.