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In the other stuff I had already done I was totally calm and had no issues getting naked, getting hard and fucking in front of other people. I was going to be swimming naked in the pool and then get out and immediately go to the lounge chair next to the pool when the "pool guy" was going to show up to service the pool and eventually me who was masturbating while watching him clean the pool.

I actually was having a difficult time getting hard which was totally not the norm for me, but he came over and began blowing me for a while and soon enough I did get fully hard.

Hello , I'm a good looking man 28y, really clean and horny every day.

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I was out of control and living one big party life on my parent's dime while they struggled mightily to pay for me to have the opportunity they never had and go to college.If someone gets off from seeing me, so fucking what.I did these for a while and then he asked one day if I'd want to do some full sex movies and photo shoots and showed me some of his portfolio and all things considered the chicks looked pretty hot and we were now talking more like 0-500 per day so I jumped right at the chance. We were all in the 18-22 age bracket so it was just a no responsibility show.It would be me and this girl I had done some straight scenes with and we would be a "married" couple and then another guy who was coming to our house to do some repairs.

But he wanted it to be a scene where me and her completely serviced this guy. Mainly party drugs like coke and ecstasy, and of course plenty of weed, but on occasion other drugs as well.