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10-Mar-2019 19:57

I asked for the loss prevention manager and they were CONVINIENTLY on vacation.I checked my son’s bank account and the day the incident allegedly happened was not a day he was scheduled to work.

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Reply Overall, the thing I most dislike about Kroger is that they will never get in an item for a customer, though we are willing to take the whole darn crate (if price is fair.) I have asked for ERA detergent, Owens sausage,cheese kolaches (these are not kolaches, but tiny snack sausages in bread wrapping (been out for months), Rye cocktail size bread (I cater), Boulevard Wheat Beer from Kansas City, Mrs.

After working for Kroger for 5 months he went to work on November 19th and into the managers office and was forced to resign from Kroger’s because he allegedly took an item without paying for it.